Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cardboard or cola bottle countertops?

It seems everyone gets loads of unwanted promo in the mail every day, and some of that gets recycled –in your kitchen. In this era of Earth-consciousness, “green” products are more and more popular any there are an increasing number of ways to “go green” in your kitchen remodel; try recycled cardboard and recycled office paper countertops, for instance. Dyed with organic pigments, your “paper countertop” in colors like cabernet, gunmetal or plum would make a bold statement about your priorities and style.

An increasing popular countertop choice is a recycled glass top. Broken bits of glass in a variety of colors are set in an epoxy base to make a beautiful and unique countertop. Because you can select from a wide array of colored glass and colors of epoxy, these tops can suit so many rooms and styles. This is an aesthetic and easy way to put reusable materials to good, long-lasting use.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bathroom vanity perfectly suited to 2 little girls

Designed and built for Ana and Lia (3 and 5 years old), this bathroom vanity will be perfect for two little girls growing up sharing a bathroom. The simple design will remain stylish as the room goes through future color schemes and themes.

Custom closets transform a bedroom

Custom, built-in closets can transform a bedroom. Whether done in dark wood or painted white, the look is undeniably sophisticated. Built for aesthetic and utility, these closets were a pleasure to design and build.

Beautiful Kitchen with a Modern Edge

Welcome to our blog! I'd like to start things off with a little showcase of a kitchen we did for Holger and Julia Peens. The Peens family invited us to work on their beautiful home which overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. They are a very fun couple with a great eye for design and the confidence to do a very clean and modern look throughout their house.

This project was exciting from start to finish. With stainless steel channelling in the cabinetry, quality Blum-motion hardware and stainless interiors in all drawers, this is a kitchen unlike any other.

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