Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Showing off your style, safely, in your kitchen

I want to take a moment to share a few tips about how to show off your style in your kitchen. Whether you spend $10k, $20k, or $100k on your kitchen, you ar likely to live with your choices (for better or worse) for quite a while. Most people don't renovate their kitchens every couple years, and nor should they have to!

This first picture is the ultimate example of WAY to much of your personal style being more or less permanently impressed on your home. The wildly painted cabinets and loud tile backsplash are both bad choices, not just because they are ugly (sorry to you sea-themed decorators out there!), but because they are difficult to change when your taste does.

Ths second kitchen is perhaps more tasteful, but still the perfect example of a classic mistake. Pink kitchen counters along with the pink backsplash are again going to remain in your kitchen long after your obession with pink has faded. And of course, should you decide to sell your house at some point, your buyer is not likely to have your same love for the feminine.

This final picture below shows that you can add a splash to your kitchen without making a long-term commitment. The chair covers, accessories, valances and even the wall color in the next room are all easy to change and relatively inexpensive. This kitchen obviously reflects the home owner's tastes without locking them in to lime/chartreuse cabinet doors with fruit-shaped door handles.

If you want some help with you design choices in your own kitchen, send us an email!

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