Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brass is back

I don't know whether you are mentally prepared for this revelation, but brass is back. You'll see it in door knobs, chandeliers, kitchen faucets, cabinet knobs and hinges, clocks and accessories. Surprised? I know!

You may have just completed ridding your home of all the 80's and 90's brass harware that lurked near your "ultra-fashionable" bathroom sinks, only to hear this bit of shocking news: brass is back. Here to stay? I don't think so. These trends come in and out of style as time passes; your best bet is to suit your hardware to the style of your home. If you have a lovely Victorian mansion, you never had any business doing a fully modern stark kitchen remodel anyway; if you can learn the era and style of your home, your kitchen (and your hardware) will always be in style regardless of trends that change with the wind.

What do you think? Will you reincorporate brass or gold in your home?

If you'd like us to design a kitchen, bathroom or office to suit your home, let us know!

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