Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A "LIFT" kitchen...incredible innovation

There's "thinking outside the box" and then there's the LIFT kitchen.

Imagine your upper and lower cabinets hanging on rails. Yes, rails. They can slide up and down and you can adjust them into any configuration you like at any time. You can lower them all down to provide yourself with some display counter space, you can raise the upper cabinets high to reveal your stovetop, sink and counter space atop your lower cabinets. You can stagger them to suit your whim or needs.

Below you can see the upper cabinets have been dropped down. The only vertical piece remaining is the fridge.

Here they just slid the upper cabinets up and revealed a more conventional kitchen set-up (if the word conventional can be used to describe this kitchen at all).

See how they can slide into any position to provide you with the counter or display space you need.

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  1. Outstanding! That would be very fun in all sorts of applications.

  2. Cole, you're so right! There are so many things we could do with this concept!


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